I like both and almost all teenagers last holiday began at the end of June. It was a really long time previously expected.
The first thing I did after returning from school to get rid of the backpack quickly. I closed it in the closet for the whole 2 months. Already in the first week I had to go to his grandmother in the country but I really did not want me and I promised that I would go in the second week. And the daily use for sunbathing on the beach because the weather was excellent. When it was day trip to the country said goodbye to his family and set off on a journey. I will say honestly that they are already in place a sigh of relief because this road was long and boring mecząca.Babcia with his grandfather took me with joy and warmth of family life. This caused the seven-day stay that I have met many new friends and lots of new capabilities. After returning home, began their complete laziness. I did not want to even leave the house. I spent a lot of time with a friend Anya. Going for ice cream shop to the cinema. I do not know when or expired one months dream holiday. Warm days were hardly raining. Parents began to remind me about the school but rather was not nice...