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I'm getting up at 7 am , getting dressed eating breakfast then I'm going to choll. I'm catching a bus to get there. I 'm spending at school at least 8 hours. After lessons I'm going home . At 4 pm I'm eating dinner then I'm starting to do my homework. At around 7pm I'm watching TV and surfing on the internet. I'm going to bed around 10 or 11 pm.

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I usually wake up at 7 oclock. I quickly make my bed and go to the bathroom. I wash my eyes, face and brush my teeth with a toothbrush then I carefully comb my long hair. I put my clothes on and I am ready to have some breakfast. I uusally have yoghut, a ham sandwich and a cup of hot tea. I leave the house together with my brother who picks me up to my school. We are almost always in a rush and I hardly manage to get there on time. I usually spend six hours at school and come back home. I eat me dinner hungrily and I do my homework if there is any. at five my parents are back from work so we rest for a while, usulayy in a front of TV. In the evening I have a supper, shower and about half an hour I read a book in my bed then I fall a sleep.
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My favourite day is Saturday.I get up at eight o'clock.Next I take a shower and eat breakfast.I go shopping with my friends,after that I come back home and cook dinner.There I eat dinner with my family.I go to the gym or meet my friends.I sometimes clean a house or watch TV.I usually go to the restaurant for supper in evening.After that I go home and go to bed.
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