Being fit is very important for our health and good mood. Fit people are living longer than ones, who aren't doing any sport, or phisical exercises. Fit ones have also better chance to get a good job, because they are in good condition and they are immune to stress and some infections. People, who are in good condition are also looking better than people wgho doesn't care about being fit at all, so their chances to finding a partner are higher. Doing sport is also good for our being social. We're more confident, so we can easier make frienships. People with good phisical condition are more worthy of confidence. If you don't take care of yourself, you should start to work on your body. Keep fit.

Mam nadzieję, że wystarczy (9 zdań, ale dość rozbudowanych ;]) Nic więcej nie udało mi się wymyślić
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Our fit body and health is very important for us. It also is gives a good mood to us. People who are caring about their condition are looking better than people who doesn't exercise or eat health food. We must care about us, when we are not eating well and don't exercise our body is fat, we are not confident and often tired. People who are fat don't have friends this is sad but real. That's why we need to be health and fit. Eating vegetables and fruit can make us healthy. If u exercise you have got friends and u are respectable in groups of people. People are thinking that you are caring about yourself. Our life can be longer if we will try to be fit, and don't use alcohole and no smoking and also.. No fastfoods! McDonald ;) Just eat healthy things. U will be proud of yourself.