My room is quite big. it has blue walls. in front of door is window. on the left stand desk with my computer. in front of desk, on the opposite side, stand my bed. next to bed is my wardrobe and small table with television set. on the windowsill stand flowers. on the floor is carpet.
It is a room on the first floor, looking on the street. This is very small room. Doors are in the middle of the back wall. \the window are big. The curtains are tied back with tassels. The walls are white. The lighted lamps in the walls have green shades and give a soft light. There is a table near the fireplace. On the walls pictures of cat. There are two big armchair, and coffe table. It is cozy room.

Staralam sie, zeby bylo proste do nauczenia na pamiec o znam ten bol :P
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My room is upstairs. It's is sguare and guite big. When you go through the door you can see a chest of drawers and a bed on the left. Opposite the door there is a shelf, a desk and another chest of drawers. There is a comfortable armchair in the middle of the room. A standing lamp is next to the bed, between the bed and the chest of drawers on the left.