To whom it may concern:

On 21st of July, I brought my car, Ford Fiesta, to be repaired. My car would not start very early in the morning and had been towed to your repair shop. I was told around 9:00 a.m. that someone would contact me after lunch with an estimate. No one called so I had to call. I was then told that you were unable to even look at my car that day but would do so the next morning. On date, by lunchtime I still had not received at call or estimate. Once again I called and was told someone would call me before the end of the day. The end of the day came and still no call. At this point your shop had my car for two days and I still did not know when it would be looked at or when I'd receive an estimate. The following morning I called again and was assured repeatedly that my car would be looked at that day. The day went by with no call, no estimate. At this point I was three days without a car, I'd received no communication from your shop other than when it was initiated by myself. I was desperate at this point and very disappointed. Of course, I had my car towed to another repair shop the very next morning.

I'm writing you this letter to make you aware of the severe lack of communication in your shop. I would not have been so upset at the delay in repairing my car had someone had the courtesy to just keep me informed. The not knowing and wondering was frustrating and showed little respect for my time and money. As this car was my only mode of transportation, it was crippling for me to be without a car for that length of time. I also incurred an additional cost of having my car towed twice.

At this point, an apology will not undo the damage done. However, I fully expect your shop to reimburse me for the cost of the additional tow. Please send me $dollar amt as soon as possible at the above address. I have attached the additional tow receipt along with this letter. If you have any questions, please call me at the number I have listed above.

Thanks in advance,
Carl Brown