1 zad
2.Are checked
3.Is made
4.Is given
5.Is served
6.are discovered
7.are kept
2 Zad
2.The letter was sent to all ministers
3.Our protest was ignored completely
4.A picasso was sold for almost $1 milion
5.I was told to drink a lot of water
6.The car was repaired in two hours
7.The president was asked a lot of interesting questions.

3 Zad
2.was damaged the cd player during my holiday party
3.were stolen in our street
4.is celebrated childrens day on 1st june
5.A bunch of beautiful roses is given.
6.are picked in june
7.was fount in the forest
8.were played three times
9.was robbed on tuesday morning
10.were seen getting into the white van