On the occasion (np.15) Kasia's birthday, the event will be held 20.12.09r at 15, 30 Attraction of the event will be contests and surprises, playing in a bottle, a cigarette and playing other games. If you could / could take a person with him was that great!. The main event is a jungle theme so please dress in something like that.
The event will be on the streets of the Polish army 20 ..

Thanks, Kate *
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It will carry away on about hour in bar 12.15 invite tomorrow < tomorrow > performance concomitant dress cie super impreze blue super mażesz osobe sie as you want
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Please come to a party to a celebrate my 20th birthday.
The party will start at 8 p.m. on Sunday, 10rd May.
The party will take place inn the Rock club, at the Antoniukowska Street. You are welcome to bringa friend.
At the party will be pop star Madonna and karaoke!
You can dress what you wont!
To get there, take bus 10 from the Dubois Street and get off at the 8 stop.
Please let me know if you can't come.
See you!