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Christmas - in the Christian tradition is a feast commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a liturgical feast of solid attributable on December 25 (according to the Gregorian calendar). Christmas is preceded by a four-week waiting period (exactly four Sundays) called adwentem.W churches, which continue to celebrate the liturgy according to the Julian calendar (the Eastern Churches, especially the Orthodox Church), Christmas Day falls out of 7 January.In some Christian churches Christmas begins on the day preceding the anniversary of the birth of Jesus - Christmas Eve (evening Dec 24), known in Poland, regionally or Godami asterisk. On this tradition in Poland is a quality post (meatless, in certain regions of the country is close to post).The climax of the gala dinner, to which tradition dictated to sit when you see the first stars in the sky, in remembrance of the star leading the Magi to the stable.In Poland, the majority of families is celebrated as a festival bringing together a number of relatives. Typical attributes are: * wafer * Christmas carols * Christmas tree, and often presents crib *
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