Potrzebuje listu!
ma zawierac
a)give a few details about who is with you and what the plac is like.
c)describe how you spend your time and some of the things you have done
c)tell your friend about any plans for other trips or visits you are going to make before you leave.



Hello Mike !
____ I'm having a great time in Spain . It's far away from Poland so I went here by plane. I have beautiful views from windows . I'm staying in a four - star hotel near the sea. Here is also a swimming pool and a gym in this hotel. I really enjoy it !
____ I swim in the sea everyday. The temperature of water is over 28 degrees. Usually I lie on the beach after swimming and I enjoy sunbathing. I love to swimming so I visit hotel swimming pool with my best friend every evenings.
___ Before I leave this place I'm going to visiting some museums. I really like art especially old sculptures . I'm also going to buy some souvenirs for my parents. I miss you very much .

Lots of love, XYZ

praca mojego autorstwa, jest poprawna pod wszystkimi wzgledami, pozdr ;)