Napisz list do Św.Mikołaja przynajmniej 2strony A4 o tym że na urodziny chciałbyś dostać telefon Viwty [znajdźcie sobie o nim informacje] .. Podajcie powody ... typuu.. mój staary fon to graat itp.
To ma być praca 6.
Ale nie robie tego na lekcje x P

Sprrintttttt; p!!!



Dear St. Nicholas!
Thank you for the gifts that you brought to me in that year.
This year also I was polite.
This year I wanted to get a gift phone View.
I wanted to get him because it is very fashionable and I very like it.
My phone is already very worn and old.
It is not too trendy and ugly.
I know you have a lot to do and that do not have time for such foolishness, but to me it is very important.
Everyone at school laugh at me and I am sad by this...
This phone is not suitable for use!
Flip it disintegrates, falls in the general keyboard failure..
Phone View is very nice and I would definitely cared about him very.
Thank you for everything. We love you. And if I did something wrong I apologize.

your ...