Zareaguj na pytania.
1. How are you ?
2. How old is she ?
3. What are you good at ?
4. How is your grandmother?
5. What do you do ?
6. What are you doing ?
7. What does your best friend lok live ?
8. What is your best friend like ?
9. Let's go o Warsaw.
10. Have you got any brothers or sisters ?<jestem jedynaczką>
11. What are you interested in ?
12. Can you open the window ?
13. When were you born ?
14. How much is this T-shirt ?
15. Where are you from ?
16. What's the matter ?
17. Where's the nearest post office ?
18. What would you like to do tonight ?
19. What subject do you prefer ?
20. What time does the Warsaw bus leave?
21. Can you dive ?
22. Who's that man over there ?
23. What are you looking at ?
24. What did you buy yesterday ?
25. Are you a teenager ?

Będę wdzięczna i dam najlepszą ;)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Thanx, I'm fine. :)
2. She's twenty years old.
3. I'm good at swimming.
4.My grandmother is nice.
5. I walk to school every day.
6. I'm singing now.
8.My best friend likes jogging.
9.That's good idea!
10. No, I've got any brothers or sisters.
11.I'm intrested in going to Sweden.
12. Yes, I can
13I was born in Lodz.
14 This t-shirt cost 26 zł
15I'm from Poland
16 Nothing. I'm fine.
18. It's next to that shop.
19 I prefer math.
20 at 7. o'cloc the bus leaves the Warsaw
21 No, I can't.
22 That's my boyfriend!
23 I'm looking my sister at.
24.I bought new dress yesterday.
25 Yes, I am.

1.J'm fine
2.She is 20 years old
3.Films and computer and music
4.My grandmother is good men
5.J do my homework every day
6.J'm listening to music
8.She like goes to the cinema and listen music
9.Ok we go
10.No j doesn't have.
11.J interested dance hip-hop
12.Yes J can
13.J born in (napisz swoją datę urodzenia )
14.This T-shirt is wery costly
15.J'm from Poland
16.The window is firm
17.Across and turn left
18.J like do tonight watch a film in a dvd
19.J prefer(napisz przedmiot szkolny)to(tu też)
20.half past four
21.No in this ocean is a shark!
22.he read newspaper
23.J looing fo a dog he is funny
24.J buy new jeans
25.Yes J'm e teenager
1. i'm fine and you?
2 she's 16 years old (przykladowy wiek)
3 i good at dance and it
4 my grandmather she's ok
5 i go to the school
6 right now i play in the computer games
7 my best friends look like me beacouse we are very similar
8 my best friends like traveling
10no i haven't any brothers our sisters
11 i interested music
12yes i can
13 i was born in (twoja data urodzin)
14 my t-shirt costes 12 pounds
15 i from poland
16 education
17in ......
18 i want going to the disco
19 i perfect in biology
20 its 8
21 no . i dont have a drive licence
22 he's my father
23 i looking at people on the street
24 i buy ahot-dog
25 yes i am