Prosze o napisanie wypowiedzi What kind of part time job woul you like to do? why? (jaki rodzaj pracy sezonowej chciałyś najbardziej wykonywać? dlaczego?).
Prosze o napisanie mam to na jutro :/ a dopiero teraz mi sie przypomniało. jako prace możecie wpisać zbieranie truskawek w niemczech :p ale jak macie jakies lepsze pomysły to tez mogą byc ;]. Z góry dzięki



Jobs I would like to perform in the summer, during holidays is babysitting, because I have already experience in this work.Since I remember I like Children
. When I was 13 years went to the neighbors for small money took care of her children. I always waited for this moment and with it will go, and I will be able to address her children. Besides childrens liked me very much. On my view has always enjoyed. I would like to jobs as guardian for the children, because I have no better pleasant work than this.
I would like to compose pens, because I don't like leave my hause. I can work in my room and eat or drink. This job isn't hard and difficult.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I would like to be fruit picker in Germany (wedle zyczenia :P) becouse this part time job is outdoors. There are fresh air. I am strong, and this is hard physical work. I can relaxing becouse it is in quiet place. It isn't very well paid, but I can have a new experience, and I can meet new people who, like I, looking for part time job.