Napisac opowiadanie na konczace sie na :
1.and the door closed. 2.and the thought someone might use my invention was simply umbrearable.

wolalbym zeby napisac " and the door closed ",ale za oby dwa rozwiazania bd wdzieczny :) na czwartek. 100-150 slow.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I was feeling like star. All people was looking at me... And then I said best speech in the world. But they don't understand it.
I was talking about true and false. War and peace. Love and Hate. About all things that other don't speak.
I was sitting on uncomfortable chair... But while I was speaking about this, I didn't feel pain. And when I was finishing it happened.
Then I heard shout: "Go away and don't go back!". People ran up to me and threw me out of the room. I tried to go back and then the door closed.