Write an email to en English friend about one of your parents or grandparents when they were at schhool.Write about:
-what he/she used to do
-where he/she used to life
-the clothes he/she used to wear
-who he/she used to live with
- how much pocket money he/she used to earn

Email ma mieć przynajmniej 7 zdań:P
Z góry dziękuje za pomoc.
liczę na szybką odpowiedz :)



Hello my friend! I am writing to you to describe my mom when she was attending to school. She use to live in small country callded New Village. She have been being wearing dresses and trousers. She use to held on animals like cow or pigs. She lived with mother, sister, father and two brothers. She had not pocket money in this time, because her parents have not a money. That is all.
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