It was Sunday morning. Sandy Ross was in the living room.Suddenly a phone rang. Sunday picl up the phone"Are you Sandy"Ross? You're
the winner in our singer For a Pay competition. Look outside We're got a suprise for you!
Sandy looked outside and she sow Bryony beside limousine. She was very happy and excited. Sandy run out of the she horse as sopn as possible. She got into the limousine and she went to a recording studio.
Bryony took Sandy to a recording room. Bryony told Sandy "You can help me to sing my song" Sandy was struck and she was bewildert. Aften all She sang Bryony song.
Then, Bryony took sandy home. Sandy wared for goodbye to Bryony. She was joyful. It was a great fun!

mam nadzieje że jest dobrze ;)
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