Imagine last weekend was disastrous fot you.Chosse one of these ideas and write four sentences about what happend.
a.You went to the cinema but you went into the wrong film.
b.You went to eat out but then you realized you didn't have any money with you.
c.You stayed at your friend's house but you had a bad argument with your friend.
d.You went to a football final but your team didn't win.
Trzeba mi wypracowanie, minimalnie 30 zdań.Wybierz sobie a,b,c lub d, albo wymyśl własne.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I went to the game of football, but my team did not win. At the beginning it seemed that the team which wins the fan. In the 15th minute it was 3:0 for my team. But in the 50th minute a team of opponents began odrabiać losses. I went to stretching to drink . When I got back was 60 minutes of the match and was no longer a draw. Everyone in the stands shouted to the team he took to work, but they do not hear. And so with one fell on the second divide. In the 80th minute it was, unfortunately, 6: 4 for the team
opponents. I was very nervous because of the poor show us how zafundowali players. The final result is 7-5 for the team then. disgusted that I went to turn the matter cousin. He said to me that watching this broadcast match embarrassing and very ashamed to be a supporter of the league . But after a long utterance on the subject stated, together with his cousin, perhaps because it so bad they went because they missed playing 4 very good players.
Finally, at 4 pairs of legs are better than one. After much deliberation we found that there was nothing to worry about. But it lost only one match out of 78 played.
After a two-hour stay at his cousin went to the house. I tell the whole game the whole family. They were surprised that such a good team lost with such a weak rival. At night I dreamed even this incident, but totally the opposite. In my dream, my team won 7 results : 5 dreams in check. Maybe in my case this happens. For half a year was held the next meeting. I wondered whether to go but I think staying in the house. watch him and his family. Although the match failed.
But it will be time for revenge. Already I can not wait.
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