Przeczytaj tekst, z którego usunięto 6 zdań. Następnie wstaw brakujące zdania. (A-G) w luki (1-6). Jedno zdanie jest zbędne i nie pasuje do żadnej luki.

A) Her head and her arm hurt, but she was alive.
B) He needed to take a plane into the jungle, but the flight was full.
C) The problem was that she couldn't walk.
D) She walked for ten days with no food.
E) But after ten days, they decided that everybody was dead, so they stopped looking for people.
F) The other 96 people on the plane all died in the accident.
G) So she knew that the important thing was to find fresh water.


Escape from the jungle

It was Christmas Eve 1971. A film director called Werner Herzog was at the airport in Lima, Peru. (1)_________ Herzog waited for the next flight and the plane took off from the airport without him. A few minutes later, it crashed into the jungle. There was only one survivor - a 17-year-old German gril called Juliane Koepke.
When the plane crashed, Juliane fell through the trees and landed on the ground. She woke up 24 hours later. (3)_________
She knew that she needed to get out of the jungle. Juliane didn't have the right clothes for a journey like this - she had a miniskirt! - but she knew a lot about the jungle. Her parents where scientists. They studied the jungle in Peru, and the jungle was Juliane's home when she was a young child.
When she found water, she followed it and soon came to a river. She knew that there were often villages near a river. But it wasn't an easy journey for her. (5)_________ She often had to walk or swim through dangerous water, full of crocodiles. People flew over in small planes to look for survivors from the accident.
(6)_________ Two days later, Juliane Koepke walked out of the jungle, very hungry and tired, but alive! Fifteen years later, Wener Herzog went back to Peru and made a film about Juliane Keopke's amazing journey.



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