...list motywacyjny...To zadanie kieruje do osób które znają j.ang na tyle dobrze żeby zrobić to ćw a nie do jakiś osób które mi to napiszą po łebku. Praca ma być naprawdę dobra! I musi być SAMODZIELNa!! No więc,

Ćw4/53 z książek Inside Out internediate(niebieskie) jeśli ktoś ma je a jeśli nie to Polecenie jest takie:
Write a letter of application for the job advertised here

Camp USA,
6Pride Bld,
Columbia SC 29006

If you are over 18, free to work this summer and have skills to offer on a US s summer camp, contact us now.

Mam nadzieję że pomocne będą te info:
1.when the writer is free
2.qualifications and experience
3.reason for writing
4.summary of reason for applying
5personality and interests

przykładowe wypracowanie:
Dear Sir or Madam,
1 My course finishes at the end of June and I will be free to take up a post after this time. I am available for an interview at any time which convenient to you.
2 I am twenty-three years old and am in the final year of my course in Tourism Management at South Bank University. During the course, I spent three months on a work placement scheme working for Harrison Guides Ltd as a tour guide, accompanying visitors to Oxford, Brington and Bath. In accomodation, I have gained experience of hotel reception, car and restaurant work during the university vacations. Please refer to the enclosed curriculum for further details.
3 I am writing to apply for the post of tour leader, which was advertised in The Evening Standard yesterday.
4 I belive that I have the appropriate qualifications, experience and personality for this post, and I think that I would find the work simulating and rewarding.
5 I enjoy meeting people from other cultures and have travelled extensively in Europe. I speak good French and German, and a little Spanish. I am very interested in English history and enjoy sharing my interest with other people.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Matthen Hunt

tak żeby było 120-150 słów
Proszę czasem mi !NIE! tłumaczyć tekstu na Polski! To ma być list motywacyjny napisany!!!!

z góry dzięki za pomoc;-)



45 Walpole Rd
Bournemouth BH1 4EH
Reynold's Department Store
100-105 Wimbourne Rd
Bournemouth BH2 6TG

Dear Sir or Madam
I saw your advertisment for a job as sales assistant in your garden furniture department and I would like to apply for the job.
I am experienced shop assistant and I have worked in many different departments.Please see my curriculum vitae enclosed for more details.
I started working in shops when I was twenty-one,forty-five years ago.I left my last job six years ago when I reached retirement age,but I get terribly bored at home.I fell I am ready for a new challenge now.
I would be available for an interview at any time ,even at short notice.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
(twoj podpis)