I would like so that my dream house has 2 floors. Much space. 4 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 guest rooms, room for children. I would like to have also a big garden, and in it place on of grill, swing. My dream house must be very cosy. I would like to have also a fireplace in the living room.
I would like to have a beautiful house in the future.
The house from my dream is very big, old (but renovated)and has its own history. There are about 20 rooms, enormous kitchen, swimming pool, gym, large wardrobe and bathroom with jacuzzi. Walls are white or brown, there are wooden floors. There are very high windows. I can look through one of them when I get up.The most important thing is garden. The garden is large, overgrown and mysterious. It seems untidy.
My ideal house would be a tree house. It will be made of spruce tree. It will be localized in the forest near the lake. It will be a summer house. In my house there will be a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace. In my room there will be many interesting books any my computer with the internet. In the roof there will be a very big window . In my living room there will be a frieplace, a rocking chair and sofa. in front of my house there will be a place, where I will sit with mu frends by bonfire. In the evenigs w will sing a play the guitar, or sit on the teracce six meters abaove the ground. I will there during vaction with my frends. I think that thishouse would be comfortable, airy attractive. It will by my ideal house.