Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In this picture I can see that the big black car ran into a huge hole.I see that is the beautiful day, the sun is shine. It is morning. I also see two police officers and one person behind them. I think this did not happen in poland. Police officers in this picture have black uniforms. In Poland police officers have blue uniforms. They are spread over the yellow tape.I think that the person in this car was going to work by car. Then the earth shook and the car fell into that hole. This person had to be horrified. After a while, probably the ambulance come to this place and take this person to hospital. Perhaps this person had a major head wound.
I think that soon come some machine and stretch this car from the hole. Then n the end someone will fix this road and it will look like new. I think people will talk about this very long time and this town will be realy famous.

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