Witam!!!Bardzio prosze o pomoc.Muszę napisać emaila do kolegi/kolezanki minimum 10-15 zdań oczewiscie po angielsku.Potrzebne zastosowanie takiego slownictwajak slowa:
either,also,as well,too
Bardzo prosze o pomoc z góry dzieki:))
Bardzo liczy się czas!!!!
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Hi jaonna!
how are you?i hope you are in good condition as well.did you enjoy our last go out to cinema?i hope so because i liked it so much.do you have any plans for this weekend?on friday we can go shopping if you like to but i hope you dont cause i dont either...but maybe you want to go with me to my grandmother's house on saturday?it would be also very funny and exciting of course.we can stay in my hause too.we can make some party or if you don't want to we can play computer games.so text me back or call me if you like any of my ideas.but do it as fast as you can because we have to organise everything!all right so i'm waiting for your answer.have a nice day..kisses:*
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Hi Mary
I'm writing this email from England. At the moment the weather isn't good but I didn't think about it, I go shopping everyday as well. I love it!
Yesterday I was looking for something to buy for you, but I didn't find anything special. Maybe you tell me what you want? It will be really helpful for me. I saw only one dress, which was quite nice and high hills which were also nice. I don't like either of clothes, they were so colorful or in dirty cutting...
I am waiting for the message and ,of course, the information what present I'm supposed for you to buy. Please, write about your favurite coloursa and kind of clothes. Advice are welcome, too. ;)

Looking forward,

Hi, Rob
My new school`s great. My teacher, Mrs.Adam, is nice and I like her.
There1s boy in my slass called Will. I like him too. I stand up that day at 7:30. On mondey I bought a new cd. I listen to it every day. It`s by Ich Troje(lub inny zespól). They`re an Polish band and I love theam. I go to basin every day also.How`s my dog Buldok?? I salute and dad . (podpis)

Prosze bardzo. Takie jakies