A: hello
B: good morning. I am calling about the house for rent in Paddington
A: oh yes . how can i help you?
b: could you please tell me where exactly the house is?
A: yes, it is in 14 Apple street.
B: Are there wardrobes in the bedrooms?
A: yes there are. one in each room.
B:Another question. Is the garage large enough for two cars?
A: I am afraid not. Tgere is only room for one car.
B:That's OK.When can I see it?
A:How about 7 o'clock tomorrow evening?
B:That's fine. See you then

Trzeba ułożyć podobny dialog tylko musi zawierać to:

2-bedroom flat, Paddington.
Large living room with fireplace, central heating. Garage. Close to shops.
Ł1200 pers month.

Contact mrs smith
tel:020 3245 8459

Na teraz pomocy bardzo prosze o z robienie tego pliss!!!!!!!



A: hello
B: good morning. I am calling about the house for rent in Paddington.
A: Yes. How can I help you?
B: Could you tell me how many bedrooms flat are there?
A: Yes, there are two bedrooms.
B: Another question. Is there garage?
A: Yes, there are.
B: Is living room large?
A: Yes, and there are fireplace. House have central heating.
B: Very good. Are there any shoops in neigbourhood?
A: Yes, house is close to shoop.
B: And the last question. How much it cost? And when I can see it?
A: Ł1200 pers month. Maybe tomorrow evening?
B: OK. See you then.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A: hello
B:Good Morning. I'm calling about a 2-bedroom flat in Paddington.
A:Oh yes. How can I help you?
B: Could you please tell me, is there a big or small living room?
A: It's large living room with a fireplace and apart from that there is a central heating.
B: OK. And is there any garage and in what neighbourhood the flat is?
A: Yes, there is a garage and this flat is close to shops and the city centre.
B:Oh, very nice :) And how much must I pay for renting this flat?
A: Ł1200 per month. I think it's a good price...
B: Yes, the offer is just unique. I think i'll take it but I need a telephone number to meet with the person who is sending it. can you tell me?
A: Of course. Please contact Contact mrs Smith with the number 020 3245 8459
B: Thank you very much. Goodbay.
A: Thank you, too. Goodbye!