I would like to describe the image of Marc Chagall Fri Cain kills Abel. Chagall, a famous painter, was born in Russia, but his science and art developed in Paris.

Image Fri Cain killed Abel, "is painted with oil paints. Dominate the composition of the main elements of the image stanowiąjego-two men. The title works conclude that these people are Cain and Abel-heroes who are the subject and the meaning of work.

In the foreground, while in the center of the image appears two brothers. They are heroes tytółowymi one of the chapters of the Bible. This scene is presented as Cain killed his younger brother. These are the beginnings of human history man, so they are naked. Marc Chagall painted Cain without half of the head and hand, not to suggest what was killed Abel. We see that the man wogóle not weapons. Is slightly bent and as if waiting only for death. The action takes place on zaoranym field.

Background image contains almost uniform colors: black and gray. Characters are colored red. Chagall very oszcędnie in this work used the colors, but used the shades of one color.

This image is of a religious nature. It lacks frills, the beauty of nature. I think that the shades of gray author wanted to present the evil that is killing and forcing the viewer to reflect on the beauty of human life.
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