Wstaw wyrazy z ramki
behid ,dear ,draw ,light ,lotos , mind ,nice , guestions ,this,you
1.Never .
2.what's ?
3.oh .
4. it's really ?
5.any ?
6can i help with anything?
7. can you a picture?
8.i can 't findthe swith.
9. it's the door.
10. we can sing in of languages.



1. mind
2. this
3. dear
4. nice
5. questions
6.can i help you with anything
7.can you draw a picture
8. i can't find the swith light's the door behid
10.we can sing in lot of languaes
2 5 2
Never mind
what's this
oh dear
it's really nice
any questions?
can i help you with anything?
can you draw a picture?
i can't find the light switch
it's behind the door
we can sing in lots of languages
2 5 2
1. Never mind.
2.What's this?
3.Oh, dear.
4.It's really nice.
5.Any questions?
6.Can I help you with anything?
7.Can you draw a picture?
8.I can't find the light swith.
9.It's behind the door.
10.We can sing in lots of languages
3 5 3