Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I bought my best friend a present for his birthday. It was last month and I was invited to her birthday party. At first I didn't know what I should buy her. I went shopping to a huge hypermarket but I couldn't find anything. Finally, I entered a small clothes shop where I spotted a cute T-shirt on a peg. It was a cotton green T-shirt with a beautiful picture at the front - Garfield, her favourite cartoon character. I thought she would be in seventh heaven when she sees that. I wrapped it up in a colorful paper with tiny roses on it and I tied a red ribbon around the present. I went to the party. She opened the door and I gave her the present and wished her all the best. She was amazed when she saw the T-shirt. I will never forget the smile on her face and I will never forget that wonderful party!
Last week I was on my best friend birthday.His name Carl. He is fourteen years old. He is older than me. His party were in his home. There is a lot of people. There is great!
There was a cake, chips, popcorn and orange juice. While he opened his present he was suprised, he gave: skateboard, clothes, playstation, books and ball.
Later he gave his presents. I bought him: blue and small mp3 player and green T-shrt, sweets. He was very suprised. After gave presents everybody ate a cake and everybody went dancing.
The last weekend I have been in shops. I must to bought a gift for my best firend. His name is Maciek.He have his eighteen birthday so this gift should be special. He is interested in motorization but I haven't got a lot of money.I couldn't bought a car of course! So i started think very intensive.When I walked of this shops I found a model shops! I was very exciting.I bought him a carcraft. I think that He will be happy beacuse he likes cars!