Zakładam, że o stanie Texas. (poprawne zaznaczone lółeczkiem)

1. What's the largest city in Texas?
a) El Paso
•b) Houston
c) Alabama

2. What's the most popular religion in the state?
•a) Roman Catholic
b) Lutheran
c) Baptist

3. How much the largest cities of US are in Texas?

4. In which year Texas adopted the Constitution?
a) 1854
b) 1903
•c) 1876

5. Which president of US was Lyndon B. Johnson?
a) 33rd
•b) 36th
c) 30th

6. Which NBA from Texas realy exists?
a) Texas Angels
b) Houston Bulls
•c) San Antonio Spurs

7. What is the name of test, which students are taking in primary and secondary school?
•a) Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TASK)
b) Texas Test of Knowledge (TTK)
c) Texas Knowledge and Skills Test (TKST)

8. In the ranks of health which place takes Texas?
a) 1st the worst
b) 5th the best
•c) 3rd the worst

9. What's the name of Texas's oldest art museum?
a) Texas Museum of Art
•b) Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
c) Fake Art Museum

10. Which artist comes from Texas?
•a) David Cook
b) Christina Aguilera
c) Aaliyah

Myślę, że da radę ;)