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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
MIejscowość 17.11.2009

HI Tommy :)

I came back from my holiday already, it was great. I spent 2 weeks in Łeba in Poland. I lived in a really nice home which is standing 20 m from see - Bałtyk. Łeba is really calm and friendly city. For example : one day I went to the shop unfotunately I losted way, then somebody helped me and i find shop which a was looking at. There live very nice people. Everyday i had beautiful wheater so much time I spent on the beach, so im lokking like chocolate :). At the last evening I had a camp fire when was a lot of fun, it so sad that you didnt be with me. Ofcourse i will send you pictures from my holiday.

Love XYZ
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Dear Ronald,

As I told you before, I've spent this winter in northern Norway. During the three months I lived at my friends' house. My friends, Lisa und Bjorn Johansson, promised to show me the most beautiful places in their region. And so they did. But they said that in those three months I'm only able to see a little fraction of Norway's beautiful nature. So, I've seen the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights), the Lofotes and a part of the endless woods of the North...
Most of the time I've spend skiing on the virgin snow. If you think you have ever seen an ideal ski slope, you must see the ones in Scandinavian Mountains.It seems that Lisa and Bjorn have their nearest neighbors 10 kilometers away... When I had to leave, I couldn't stand the prospect of not seeing Norway again. When I said this to my friends, they laughed at me and told me, that they won't let me stay in Poland longer than until summer. So, I slowly begun to prepare myself to the next journey.

PS. I won't forget to send you the photos.
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I have returned from vacations week ago and for you decide write. I have spent vacations over sea, in sopot. I lived in small house beach nearly. Waves pleased me very. I walked after beach daily and I sunbathed . Former disco on beach finally. There it pleased me very. Then, < sweat > it will send photos it. It kisses signature