Complete each senstence in two different ways. Use "so" and "because"

I've got a lot of money, because I won the lottery
I've got a lot of money, so I'm going to buy a car

1. I was tired
2. She arrived late
3. This place id good
4. Fast food is unhealthy
5. I'm feeling strong
6. I love You



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1. I was tired, becouse I worked hard all day yesterday.
I was tired , so I couldn't go to the cinema

2. She arrived late, becouse she had an accident.
She arrived late, so she didn't get a present.

3. This place is good, becouse there are interesting monuments.
This place is good so I don't want to look for another.

4. Fast food is unhealthy, becouse this food is very fatty.
Fast food is unhealthy so you mustn't eat it

5. I'm feeling strong , becouse I was in a gym.
I'm feeling strong, so I can do this exercises.

6. I love you, becouse you are so sweet.
I love you so, we must marry soon
1)I was tired, because I must work heavily.
1)I was tired, so I'm went to sleep.

2)She arrived late, because aircraft will be late.
2)She arrived late, so it will fly off later.

3)This place is good, because I have be born here.
3)This place is good, so we will look around after region.

4)Fast food is unhealthy, because has artificial additions a lot.
4)Fast food is unhealthy, so I will not eat their.

5)I'm feeling strong, because I exercise (discipline) a lot.
5)I'm feeling strong, so I will be recorded (will be written down) on stockpiles.

6)I love you, because you are my mesh in head.
6)I love you , so kiss me.