uzupełnij zdania używając odpowiedniej formy czasowników w nawiasach i spojników: to, in, at, on, of, with
1.I'm not very keen........(watch) tennis.
2.My mum's really tired.....(ask) us to tidy our rooms.
3.Martin's looking forward....(go) on holiday
4.I'm so fed up......(hear) about lottery winners.
5.You have to be very good.....(listen) if you want to be a doctor.
6.Are you interested.....(come) to see a new film with me tonight?

Napisz dialog
Student A
You want a summer job and you have seen an advertisement for a job at a music shop. You are asking the shop assistant (student b) about it:
-tell him you are interested in the job and ask for some information about it
- ask what the wages are and if you need any experience
-ask him to send you an application form
You speak first
Student B
You work in a music shop. Somebody (student a) is asking you about a summer job at the shop
-tell him about the hours he would work
-tell him how much the pay is and that you will train a new person
-ask him for their adress and tell him that you will send an application form



1.keen on watching
2. of asking
3. to go
4. with hearing
5. at listening
6. in coming


A: Good morning!
B:Good morning! how can i help you?
A: I am interested in a job. Can you be so kind and give me some informations about it?
B: You'd work from monday to thursday from 5 to 8. I think it's not much time for you!
A:How much is wage? Must I have any experience?
B:The wage is 70 pounds per week. You don't have to be expierienced, because we will train a new person to job.
A:Could you send to my emil adress apllication for a job?
B: Yes, of course. Can you tell me your email adress? I will send you a form.
A: ..[email protected] Thank you
b: you are welcome
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