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Love and friendship are the two most beautiful feeling, which we can bestow neighbor. Are pure, disinterested, can uszczesliwiec each person. Sometimes, however, our observations, concerning them, may be misleading. The person, whose put our trust, we put the piece itself, can be a false egotist, wanting only to exploit our good heart. So as to recognize the true feelings of others against us? Undoubtedly it is difficult. In our choices we have to guided by the voice of the heart. Indeed, friendship meets in August after that nothing it can not fail, and true love after that nothing can destroy it.
Maly Duke loved his chosen one heart - a rose. He was prepared to sacrifice everything for her, bore her whims, tried to make it happy. While she, as a symbol of a typical woman, she tried to assure him, and is the only one, unique, and the like will not find anywhere else. It might seem that the whole charm prysnal, the timing of emergence of The Little Prince in August on a distant planet - the Earth, when it saw a garden full of Ch. Nothing could be further from the truth! At the beginning of sad that there are other roses, but then thanks to fox, I understood how unique is his sweetheart and the only I has a deep affection, in spite of everything.
Fox played an important role in the education of the title character. Taught him what true friendship, he explained how important it is to have someone close. At the beginning did not want to play with Prince. He claimed to not want to tame, but the main character did not knew the meaning of the word, so I asked the animal, that explained it to him. so already started their friendship. Fox realized Ksieciowi, kindred have carried also suffering. Suffering related to separation. The title character realized that in spite of Rosa, and showed no emotions when told her that he was leaving, she suffered because of this.
Little Prince also struck up a friendship with a remote control. Alien from a distant planet to help him see the world through the eyes of a child. Showed that some can look at the matter from another perspective, and then they change completely your snens and significance. Pilot worried about him, shows that because of the attachment to this little boy. Just before parting Maly Duke promised a friend that I will be forever in his heart, and that one of the stars of heaven, for it will always be shining.
In summary, these feelings can see how to play a critical role in the lives of every one of us. They change our behavior or belief. Love and friendship not much vary. Both of these feelings are built on mutual trust with one another spending inordinate amount of time, giving the other person particle itself, nothing in return is not waiting. It differs only to the fact that greatest love and affection, which we can bestow on another person, but friendship is always najduje on the second spot.
In my opinion differs from the love of friendship because, as someone he loves is to worry about it and when myślimy.A is already in our environment so we feel stres.A staying with him when we feel so extremely and miło.Zapominamy the world like him przebywamy.A friendship is so that you can help someone in his environment but we feel at ease and calm.
Friend- There is this unusual emotion without a doubt - human relationships. And although this heart is a settlement of the friendship, the friendship is born in our minds. We are building her with means of understanding, making choices in the completely deliberate and voluntary way. The friendship is like the thrown bridge across the river, dividing two edges. To create the friendship that is to join two the other edges. It sometimes takes so long. The feeling of friendship ripens every day. He is happening, that the friend is walking away and it isn't necessary to stop him, or else he will come back. The friendship is delicate feeling which is joining people but isn't making uncomfortable. They also often say, that „ the friendship is like money, it is easy to get her and it is harder to hold ”. Need the time, patience, understanding so that build the bond of the true friendship, and then look her after and strengthen. And if he will happen, that a minor difference of opinion will ruin the friendship, namely, that of this friendship, actually it wasn't. Therefore true friendships are permanent and eternal, and even if friends are parting, then always know that they can come back..
Love is greatest power; ordering to forgive – lets in the process arrange himself into the strongest chain of the life. Love won't let fit in words. Love is a cause of greatest suffering and stripping, and at the same time a source of the greatest joys. Love is essential to feel joy. Similarly joy is necessary to feel love. Love is pleasing, he is giving joy, he is strengthening, he is bringing relief, he is making happy, he is making the man more excellent.