Opisz osobę w paragrafach mają być:
1. opisz wiek, rodzinę, prace, studia.
2. Opisz dobre strony tej osoby.
3.Opisz hobby i zainteresowania.
4.Opisz złe strony tej osoby.
Opisz jedną osobę dowolny wybór.
Po angielsku (większa praca mile widziana)
( nie kopiować prac z internetu.)



She has 23 years
He has two children (of son - 1.5 year and daughter 3 is flying)
She is studying in Olsztyn medical lifesaving and is working in a clothes shop .

He is a very accommodating, communicative, opened, helpful person (what is very important in the profession of the lifeguard), responsible.

For her a game of the volleyball, running and the yoga are a hobby. He likes also to read books, to watch TV and to listen to music.

For her the disadvantages are a talkativeness, a pessimistic approach towards the life has time, he is a terrible daredevil.

Mam nadzieje ze tyle wystarczy;)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Ania is 26 years old. She has got 2 brothers and she still live with parents.
She hasn't got work yet but she is studying chemistry and she want to work in laboratory as scientist in the future.
2. Ania is very active and kind person. She is very honest and people imperf it.
3. Ania love run. In free time she run with friends. She likes playing piano too.
She is interested in brand new discoveries of science.
4. She sometimes is too shy. Ania is hardworking and she don't have free time for example for running, because of it she sometimes is angry.