Napisz po angielsku list z przeprosinami do gościa hotelu , za to że: obsługa hotelu była nie miła,serwowano tureckie dania mimo że w menu była mowa o daniach europejskich.
w 2 tyg zepsuła się umywalka nikt jej nie naprawił do końca pobytu.

Jak najszybciej...! proszę :)



Dear Madam
Warmly we apologise for vagueness, arising during the woman of the stay in our hotel. The hotel staff according to our environmental interview turned out to be unpleasant to customers. There was a speech about European dishes on the menu, however only Turkish meals were being served. In serving meals a misunderstanding between the management board and cooks was a reason for the mistake. They also pursued us hearing in the second week for the woman of the stay pursued not-fixing the washbasin for damaging the washbasin however which wasn't repaired until the pobytu.Powodem end there was a disgraceful relationship of the plumber to the performed work. From the side of the hotel warmly we apologise for all troubles. Yours faithfully
Management of the Hotel
We are sorry that The service of the hotel was not nice, Turkish dishes were being served even though there was a speech about European dishes on the menu. In 2 weeks a washbasin broke down nobody for her repaired the stay until the end...

nie jestem pewna czy dobrze ;]]