Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My weekend usually starts in the Friday's evening, when I come from school, but first I try to do my homework. When I do this I plan rest of my spare time. In Friday evening I usually go with my friends to the cinema to watch an interesting film or to a pub to drink a beer and listen to the music. When I and my friends have a lot of free time we go to the disco and we dancing all the night.

In Saturday I get up about 11 o'clock. Then I take a bath and I get dressed and eat breakfast. After that I clean my room and I help my mum making dinner. Later I have free time and I listen to the music, watching television, read books or visit my friends.

On Sunday I get up earlier, about 9 o'clock. Then I go to church. After that I go with my parents for a walk or go to my grandmother. We eat cakes, drink tea and discuss. When we come home I learn for the Monday's lessons and go sleep.

Each weekend I try make the most and charge my strength for next week.
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