Co trzeba zrobić z tym zdaniem?
Jeśli trzeba przetłumaczyć to zdanie to znaczy ono tak:
zapytać rodziców jakie były ich ulubione rzeczy, gdy byli nastolatkami.napisac o swojej matce lub ojcu.
When I ask my mother what was she's favourite thing when she was teenager she told me that she used to play basketball all the time and she loved go to the parties with friends. "When I come back from school I take my ball from home and I go to the pitch with my friend Emma and John and we use to play to the night" told me my mum.
I asked my father what he liked to do as he was a teenager. He told me that he loved to ride a bike. When he was returning home he just take his bike and rode "toward the sun". No matter where... just ride! Another activity was volleyball. He trained 3 times a week. He was realy good at it! Summarizing, my dad loved sports.