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tema:to be or not to be famous that is the question.
1)wstep (teza mowiaca o tym, ze cos ma wady i zalety.3-4zdania)
2)wszystkie argumenty za(3-4argumenty)
3)3-4argumenty przciwko
4)podsumowanie,wlasne zdanie
ps.pełne formy np,do not , nie przekraczac lmitu slow.Prosze o pomoc



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To be or not to be famous - that is the question

Fame is very useful feature in many situations. For example you can take care of some things, which are very important for you or for people, who you care about. But it is sometimes troublesome, when people see you on the street and know, that you are person, who is generally known. I wonder is being famous good for ordinary person?

It is generally thought that becoming famous is very difficult. But currently many young people show us, that it is not necessarily. Indeed the examples of Tola Szlagowska, Ewa Farna, Julia Wróblewska are showing us that it is quite easy to become famous in the young age.
Fame also brings us material benefits - I think here about many cases that famous stars earn a lot of money, which is very useful side of being famous.
Next argument for being popular is good for people, who like when all around talks about them because famous people constantly are located on first pages of newspapers.

But if it is an argument for it is also an argument against fame. Most people do not want to be known because of being famous. It is very troublesome when you are famous and you cannot peacefully go through the pavement without at least ten requests of autograph.
Fame also means no privacy. For example paparazzi are looking in the smallest nooks of your flat or apartament in search of discreditable situations with you in a "main role".
Fame has also unpleasant consequences. People, who were fame but their fame suddenly disapeared, were used to live in luxury. It causes situations, when person is in deep depts.

Looking at arguments above I think I do not want to be famous. I used to have my privacy and I don't want to loose it.

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