Napisz list do kolegi z USA, w którym;
przepraszasz za dlugie milczenie i podajesz jego powod
opisujesz jedno wydarzenie towarzyskie z Twojego zycia
prosisz kolege o opinie na temat tego wydarzenia
zapytaj o zdrowie kolegi i jego rodzicow



Dear Tom,

How are you? It was a nice surprise to hear from you again after so many months. I miss you, and I looking forward to your next holiday.
I'm writing to you because I can’t accept your invite to Easter time. Sorry, but I planned before Easter with my family.
Atmosphere in my home ahead Easter is good. My mother usually cooks meals and cakes. We sometimes clean our home.
Maybe You will come to us, and You will spend this Easter with my family. My mother like you very much, and She will have nothing against about this.
I promise! I show You my town and all suburbs.
Give my best wishes to the family.

Best wishes,
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