On friday when I came back from school I go to me bad and i went sleep for 30 minutes, after this time I went to shop with my mum becouse she want to buy my new shoes. At evening me and my friends went to club Parlament for the party. This club was so amaizing, it was big, nice, drinks were good and cheep. We meet their a lot of famouse people like Donald Tusk and Aleksandra Kwaśniewska. At 3 am we came back to ours homes.On saturday I slept to 6 o 'clock becouse I was so tired after this party. I ate my breakfast and I went to dance school to my dance classes and I sent there 2 houres. When I came back to home I ate dinner and I went with my dog for a walk to park. We have been there for 8 o'clock. We back to home and I started to play computer games, 2 houres later i went to bad. On saturday my and my parents went to church and after to restaurant for a dinner. We did that every saturday. After this we went for a walk and to my grandparents for a coffee and cake. When we back to home I started doing my homework and read a book. That was all what I was doing during my weekend :)
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On Friday evening, I usually stay in. My friends sometimes come to my house and we play computer games or surf the Internet. But this Friday was very important - my friend Oliver had a birthday party! We went to the "Onyx Club" and we had fun!
On Saturday, I had to tidy up my room. Then, I went to my grandparents. I love my grandpa, because he always tells me everything about his past and it is very interesting.
Then I got back to my house and did my homework. After I ate dinner and watched a football match with my dad and my brother. In the evening, I went to the cinema with my friends. A film was very frightening, but we like horrors!
On Sunday morning, I never get up early. At 12 o'clock I went to the Church. In the afternoon, I met my friends and played sports. Our favourite sports are basketball, football and volleyball. I hardly ever go out on Sunday evening. I usually read a book or play computer games.
At 10 p.m. I went to sleep, because I was very tired.

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My weekend start on fiday evening. In friday I usually stay in. Then I watch diferent programmes whit my familly and we eat dointys. Often too i play computer games or listening to music. After ten o'clock i go sleep.
In saturday i never get up early. About ten o'clock I get up and i have breakfast. About twelve o'clock I go tidy my room and guest room (often even all house). In saturday I often go whit my family to shopping. When I got moment I often go watch TV or I go play computer games. In afternoon i always do my homework. When come closer evening I get relaxing shower, and later I go watch " i've got talent". after this programme I go sleep.
On sunday I always get up about nine o'clock. In half past ten I go to churches. In the afternoon I usually have a abundant dinner, and later I lie on the sofa, near TV. When come three o'clock, I again watch TV, exactly "Convivt on Death". On nine o'clock I go sleep, becouse tomorrow I should get up early to school.