On holiday I was in Gdańsk. I travelled by car and I slept at my aunt and my uncle's house.The weather was very, very, very good, because sunny and hot, but sometimes the weather was bad. When was rainy we read books and played cards. I got up at 10 o'clock ! Every day I went to the beach, to the mall and I saw many monuments and museums.I bought many souvernirs: a T-shirt, a mug, a keyring and more. On the beach I collected beautiful stones and shells. Every day I, my friends and my family rode a bike. We have a very good time. I the evening I went to the disco. I went to bed at 2 o'clock am and I wake up at 11 o'clock ! I had a very good time.
My nicest memories of my childhood was like with the whole family went to the water, and no one but us there. First, we went into the water (I and my cousins) so the knees, then we went to the waist, and when one of us turned and dipped all the rest went in his footsteps. Fun was on the whole, swam upstream and downstream, fun the slope into the water, we did games, who no longer stand under water and many, many others.After two hours we emerged from the water, we were unmercifully hungry. Everyone ate two sandwiches with jam, one piece Kabanos the breadcrumbs and drank one glass of milk. After the meal, we went a little sun-bathe. spread the blankets in the meadow and lay so an hour. After careful tans our young body went limp play in the sand, the river bank.entertainment was excellent! First, we built a great fortress, which eventually was transformed into a seaside port to which the affected vessels (leaves or twigs), and after removal of occupants (ants, or sand) streamed in distant voyage at sea. After graduating from the building, we started to chase. fun from one river to another.After some time, someone in the family cried, we slowly finished the play, because the time to prepare, because mosquitoes will soon begin to bite. It got cold, so we started to dress . After some time we decided to play hide and seek. Fun was certainly to be quite interesting if one of us noticed that blackberries growing nearby.completed fun and immediately ran to the big bush, which, after fifteen minutes he was completely blank. When finished, feastquot my mom cried and us to come dressed up, because time had to go home. Everyone accepted it with great sadness.Everyone dressed up with humility and got into the car. There were two cars, one which went all the parents and the second, where we went, (ie all children). The day was exciting! They were all so tired that as soon as we arrived home, we lay down to sleep. The next day, all the joy and enthusiasm recalled yesterday.

wiem że troche dużo sorki;)):D:D