1. Trzeba odpowiedziec na zdania w czasie przeszłym:
Why did people call Henri Charriere "Papillon"
b)he had a butterfly tattoo (powiedziec że On jest nazywany tak i tak bo ma to i to w czasie przeszłym)

Why did the police arrest him?
c) for a murder

Where did he find help in the jungle?
a)in an Indian Village

How did he escape form Devil's Island
b)he swam

Why did Papillon stay in Venezuela?
a)he fell in love

How did he become rich and famous?
b)he wrote a book



1. he was called 'papillon' because he had a butterfly tatoo.
2. the pollice arrested him for a murder.
3. in the jungle,he found help in an indian village.
4.he escaped from devils islands because he swam from this one to safety place.
5. papillon stayed in venezuela because he felt in love.
6. he became rich and famous because he wrote a book.
1. People called Henri Charriere "Papillon", because ha had a butterfly tattoo.

2.The police arrested him for a murder.

3. He found help in the jungle in an Indian Village.

4. He swam from the Devil's Island.

5. Papillon stay in Venezuela because he fell in love.

6. He became rich and famous because he wrote a book.