God giving birth is a very official holiday in our country. In the ones holiday on the table Christmas Eve various dishes are. From them fish is most important. The time of presents is coming after the Christmas Eve supper. In so each of us is getting something for Christmas. In my opinion this holiday is nice, cheerful, full of joy and full of the smell of the Christmas tree.
In Easter we decorate eggs and we go to the church to hallow food. We sometimes buy presents to other people. In this celebration we have solemn breakfast and we eat special food which we devote.

In Christmas we decorate Christmas Tree. We go to shops and buy presents to our family and friends. Sometimes visit us a Christmas Father. We usually attend to Christmas Mess.At the dinner we eat special meals. Then we sing carols.

In New Year's Eve we usually havea parties where we drink a champagne. We watch fireworks. During this day we wear special costumes. We have fun when we celebrate this day.