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My mother
My mother has got long blond hair.
Has got big eyes and small nose.
Her face is beautyfull.

My father
My father have got short black hair.
Has got big nose and small ear.
Has got many money.
He cut drive a car

My brother
My brother have got a big bicycle.
He cuden't drive a car
His face is terible.
He doesn't like sweet's.

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My mother is quite tall and slim. She has got black short hair and dark eyes. She wears red jumper and jeans. She also has got brown shoes.

My father is quite short and fat. His hair is brown and his eyes green. He also has got moustache. He wears dark blue sweatshirt and black trousers. He has got trainers.

My sister is 12. Ania* has got long wavy and blond hair. Her eyes are blue. She likes skirts and blouses but now she wears green jumper and white trousers. She has got dark green belt.
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Her name is Zosia, she has 30 years. My mum is very friendly and helpful. She has long black hair and green eyes. She is of average height and is slim. She very much likes to cook.

Him name is Henio, he has 32 years. My dad is activ and honest. He likes to work. My dad is high and well build. He has short bright hair and brown eyes.

Her name is Zuzia, she has 4 years. She is small and sweet. She has small brown eyes and black hair. S he likes to kick the ball and to play in the sandpit.