We very like the journey stories,but we don't know who wrote them the most. His name was Jules Gabriel Verne.
He was born in 1828 in Nates,France. Jules was intelligent man and he studied a law. But he didn't worked as lawyer.
In1857 Mr Verne married Honorine de Viane. They had one child:son Michel. His hobbies was sailling. He had three boats. Jules worked as stockbroker. He wrote a science-fiction books.
He was a very intelligent man. He wrote wonderful books. Jules Gabriel Verne died in 1905 in Amiens,France at the age of 77.
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Jules Gabriel Verne

Most people love science fiction books, about Five Weeks in a Balloon, but not many people can tell you about the man who wrote it. His name was Jules Gabriel Verne.
He was born in Nantes, 1828. He studied law and became a stockbroker. As well as a great writer, he was a good sportsman. He was also interested sailing. He has three boats.
It is surprising that with such a busy life Jules had time for a family, but in 1857 he married Honorine de Viane and they had son- Michael. He was very inteligent person. He wrote books: Five Weeks in Balloon, A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Day, From Earth to the Moon.
Jules Gabriel Verne was a very talented man. His good work and his great earned his famous. He died in 1905 in France.