Wstaw odpowiedni stopień przymiotnika:

Dear Chris,
I'm writing to you from our new adress.We're still unpacking-there's so much to do.Mum and Dad are very pleased because they think the new house is.....(large) and.......(comfortable) than our old one.Mum is already saying that it's.....(attractive) house in the neighbourhood.But as you know ,my parents can be terrible snobs sometimes!

I'm not so sure that the move was a good decision.The garden's much.....(small) than our old one.We're a little.....(near) the city centre but it's.....(far) from school,so I get home.....(late) in the evenings and I have to get up.....(early) in the mornings too!

I hope we can still see each other I know my parents didn't get on very well with yours but I really like you.You're one of the .....(friendly) people I know.



Largest, more comfortable, the most attractive, smaller, nearer(?), farer(?), later, earlier, most friendly (albo the friendliest, jestem niepewna)
1) larger
2) more comfortable
3) the most attractive
4) smaller
5) nearer
6) further
7) later
8) earlier
9) most friendly
largest ( nie jestem pewna) , more comfortable, the most attractive, smaller ,nearer , further( chyba), later, earlier , most friendly

please :)