Hi Nelly!
I move to UK last month. I was afraid of my new school, you know, i didn't speak english well yet, and the studen's didn't understand me sometimes. By the time, I felt better in my class. Our teacher is very kind, I like him, but one teacher is very irritating. He teches chemistry. Students are nice, I have not any problems with my classmates. My english is better a lot and now I can more. I think I will come back for christmas.

I long for you. Susan
How are you? I hope you are good. I've moved to UK two week ago. I wrote to you SMS about that but you don't answer me. At the start I was afraid, but now I feel good in my new class. I have many friends there. My English was good but now is better a lot, so I haven't trouble with conversation. My new school are modern. And teachers are nice, but I don't like my Music teacher. She is elderly woman, and she is very rigorous. I think I will invite you at holiday.
Love, XYZ