Stereotypy szkotów
poland human isnt interest
stereotypy niemcow
poland's are bad
stereotypy polaków
blond girl is a stupid
short pipuls is smile
Stereotypy Polaków
Stereotypes about Poland and Poles result from the ignorance of us and our country. Grotesque image of the Pole, very far from reality is mirrored in popular superstitions like in the distorting mirror. However let us remember that every caricature is hiding the grain of the truth in itself...
The first stereotype: for Poles every foreign language indeed the acquaintance of foreign languages isn't our strong point - compared with other countries of the European Union we are giving a weak performance enough. According to new surveys only 8 % Poles are declaring the acquaintance of at least one foreign language (in case of young persons this indicator is definitely higher). However the situation isn't as dramatic how, it would seem. The younger generation is good at an English at least on the communicative level, whereas older are often able to use Russian, compulsory for a lot of years at our schools. Learning of foreign languages, recently also exotic, e.g. Japanese, is in today of what numerous language schools and a popularity of linguistic studies are evidence. They generally think that Poles are getting good results in the language learning than Italians or Spaniards, however we are lacking their Mediterranean easiness and the self-confidence in manifesting itself in other language.
The second stereotype: Poles eternally are complaining let us not conceal – we like for ourselves to complain. Another thing is that recent times delivered plenties of reasons for dissatisfaction to us. In the Communist past Poles complained about the lack of basic goods, because how here not to complain, when the purchase of the sugar or the toilet paper often verged on the miraculous. From the other side we can always and we can mock ourselves. When he is saying old succeeding, in the socialist bloc Poland was the most cheerful barrack, and absurdities of everyday living became food for many great Polish comedies and cabarets. Fast political transformations after 1989 and next causes for complaint brought the young capitalism – the uncertainty of the future, unemployment, poorness of pay. Many of us still has a problem with being found in a new reality and in spite of the permanent growth in the economy and the membership of Uni over the half of Poles thinks that their standard of the life didn't rise.
The third stereotype: Poles don't like strangers Poland for centuries was a multiethnic state, where by themselves an all sorts ethnic groups lived in the agreement and religious. Today among us many representatives of other nations also live. Scientists, students, specialists of different fields, as well as war or political refugees which our country is supporting are coming to Poland. In Poland also representatives of many national minorities live – Ukrainians, Germany, gypsies, Lithuanians and much many other nationalities. The genesis of the anti-Semitism can constitute the matter of dispute, but certainly it isn't attitude appearing only in Poland. All manifestations of the discrimination, or it on the racial, or religious background, legally are forbidden. The population of the Jewish origin is pleased with equal rights as other national minorities whether religious.
The fourth stereotype: Poles like alcohol undoubtedly the custom of drinking alcohol at many chances is at us really rooted. He is coming still from times of a gentleman and he is expressing even if in the Old Polish saying: eat, drink and live like a king. Still we like well to nibble and we are quite a bibulous fellow, but stereotyped image of the Pole - of the drunk and the glutton is distant from the truth. In this part of Europe universally exactly vodka which is famous outside borders of our country for a best quality and a variety of kinds is regarded as popular alcohol. Amongst the younger generation definitely a beer which is equaling is enjoying the greater popularity with taste for household names from Germany and the Czech Republic.
The fifth stereotype: Offences in Poland are on a daily basis Poland is regarded universally as the country about the very high crime rate, and foreigners are being warned before seemingly with Poles willing to help and attentive guarding the bag is being recommended them. They forget that the problem of the theft exists everywhere where there are tourists. And in twenty-four hours in no country can feel the world terrorism in 100 % safe.
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