Nowadays the Internet is the most popular source of information, because almost everyone has the computer at home. Let's think about the advantages and drawbacks.
First of all in the Web we can find a lot of information which can be helpful to our work. Besides, we have everything in one place so we can avoid the mess on the table. Secondly, we can quick connect with the Internet and do not have to looking for information in the book for hours. Not only to the study internet is helpful, but also we can meet there many interesting people. Relations in wirtual world are easier for shy people, because they do not have to talk "face to face". Annonymity gives them more courage and they not scared talk about intimate issuess and their private problems.
However, we have to remember about the advantages. The most improtant is that during using Internet to do homework we are not independent. Many students go the easy way and copy someone else's texts. Because of this we do not improve our brain's efficiency. Next argument against the using Internet is risk of the unreliable information. The Websites are create by people which can be fallible. In our conversations we should be careful, as we do not know who really is sitting on the other side of the monitor. Besides, sitting in front of the screen for a long time is harmful to our eyes and health.
In conclusion the computer is helpful if we know how use it. In contacts with other people we have to be careful and when we looking for information we should confirm them in encyclopedy. Remember, the more you read, the smarter you are.