A walk to remember

If you are looking for a deep, romantic film, “A walk to remember” directed by Adam Shankman could be a perfect choice. This film is about real love, personal sacrifice and making one's dreams come true despite of having terminal disease. The story is heartbreaking. The action takes place in a town called Beaufort. Landon Carter (handsome Shane West) is a student at Beaufort High School, with no plans for the future. He is reckless and full of himself, he scoffs at the weak. It all changes one day, when Landon meets Jaime Sullivan (charming Mandy Moore) the daughter of a Baptist minister. Jaime is calm and serious , with few friends. She’s religious and conservative. She is a sensitive girl, with a lot of dreams and a sad destiny awaiting her , she will die in few months… but before that happens she will marry Landon and fulfills her wishes. The sound-track of the film is phenomenal and perfectly matches the romantic mood of the story. Since Mandy Moore is a young pop singer, she herself sings most of the lyrics. “A walk to remember” is truly a gripping film, showing innocent love, bitterness of life and contrary to Hollywood formulas ends on a sad note. The story moved me to tars. In my opinion “A walk to remember” will change the way we think about teen-movies.