Hi ...
Great to hear from you.
Guess what - I've got a summer job! I'm working at "bigBurger' shop. It's grate! In the morning I clean there. In the afternoon I help people who don't now where someting is. So far I'm really satisfied the job. You don't need a lot of experience but you have to be cheerful and responsible.
Anyway, that's all for now.
Love , ...
In last holiday I was in Egypt.
I was with my parents and frineds.
I was in very good end beautiful hotel.
In this hotel was fresh and good food.
In this hotel was cea and beach.
I swiming in the sea and siminh pool.
I was in waterpark.
I saw pyramyd in Kair.
I was in Luxor.
This holiday was very good, beuatiful and fantastic.