Dear diary,
In saturday I never get up early. About ten o'clock I get up and I have breakfast. About twelve o'clock I go tidy my room and guest room (often even all house). In Saturday I often go whit my sisters and parents to schopping. When I got moment I often go watch TV or I go play computer games. In afternoon I always do my homework. When come closer evening I get relaxing shower and I go watch " i've got talent". After this programme I go sleep.
On Sunday I always get up about nine o'clock. In half past ten I go to churches. In the afternoon I usually have a abundant dinner, and later I lie on the sofa, near TV. When come closer three o'clock, I go to learn and later I read books. On eight o'clock, I again watch TV, exactly " Convict on death". On nine o'clock I go sleep, becouse tomorrow I should get up early to school.
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Dear diary
In Saturday I get up at nine o'clock. At half past ten I eat breakfast. Then I have agreed with girlfriend on city. I have bought trousers on city. I have paid for it 40 pound.Then I have gone about 16 with friends on pizze. I have returned about 19. Now I go on campuer games. :)
I go to sunday on tenth for church. Then I eat dinner and watch tv. Then I do my homework and play on computer games. At tvelwe o'clock I go to bed.
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Last Saturday I went to England with my best friend. I was there for two months. One day I went out with my dog like every morning. When I came back home I found that I hadn't door keys . I thought that I losted them. I also found that I forgot my mobile phone in home. My best friend was at the work and the door was locked . I found out that the window in a second floor is open. So I started to cimbing but I suddenly fell down and broke my leg. The pain was horrible . My neighbour heard my scream and when he came to me I asked him for help. Next I went to the hospital and i spent there the rest of the day and all Sunday .

Praca w 100% mojego autorstwa, według własnego pomysłu :)
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