In last holiday I was in Egypt.
I was with my parents and frineds.
I was in very good end beautiful hotel.
In this hotel was fresh and good food.
In this hotel was cea and beach.
I swiming in the sea and siminh pool.
I was in waterpark.
I saw pyramyd in Kair.
I was in Luxor.
This holiday was very good, beuatiful and fantastic.
My holiday
I spend my holiday in home. Although nowhere lefy and there was so great. In beginning was ugly and it rainded, but I not waste the time and began read the twilight saga. When days did brighter and warmer I traveled on bike trips whit my friends. In the evenings I played whit myt friends in the volleball and sometimes in thee babington. When I got up I very often looked to check how went construction my neighbours. After rainy day I usually went whit my sisters to pick mushrooms to nearby forest. This year there were not too many. When I bored I sat on seesaw to listened my favourite songs. In hot days I lay on blanket and I sunbathe and I drank cold drinks. In half August like at year we drove whit all familly to school schopping itp. at ocassion I bought two pair schoes, which very I liking. On end Holiday I and my friends organized farewell bonfire. We burn sausages and diged potatos. This holiday was unforgettable!!!